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Economic gifts to entice loved ones

As a parent, friend, kid, spouse whatever be your role in the family, social circle it becomes mandatory for you to locate the best deal and treat your loved ones with best gifts in all the seasons.
If I talk much on looking for deals, ways to save money it might sound usual. Rather I’m going to give you different perspective on what you can do one or more of these arts crafts work to entice the loved ones
1) Start learning terracotta jewelry making. You can make earrings, necklace, bangles and what not. All it needs is to join a professional terracotta jewelry making program, purchase some basic stuff needed for making the stuff, paint the jewelry in your preferred color, entice your loved ones by gifting them your work
2) Choose to crochet or knit a sweater, hat, cap, mitten, sock that fits your loved ones. Buy needles, yarn, sewing needles like tapestry needles etc. Look for training program on knitting and crochet in your locality, learn from professionals and present your work to your loved ones
3) Paper quelling is another interesting colorful art work to your loved ones in form of decorative piece, jewelry etc. Join training and have your creative work done
In all the above cases you present your work, effort and it feels extremely good to see the best job on your most loved ones. Good luck with your arts crafts gifts starting this year

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Venus in 3rd house effects and home based remedies for prosperous life

Venus the most auspicious planet when placed in 3rd house the house of wish will have some impact in marriage life of a person

1) His wife will be beautiful

2) She will be of dark complexion

3) His wife will be rich

4) He will obtain material riches upon marrying her

5) They will be blessed with girl babies

Looking at the negative ide of it venus is the ruler of sex. As a result of this though his life s happy, full and contented he will be a womenizer after marriage. There will be continuous problems from women.

Venus popularly called shukra aka shukran the planet of wealth, luxury, enjoyment, beautiful luxury cars while placed in 3rd house in an individual’s horoscope makes him extremely lovable, charming, charismatic among his group. This makes the individual naturally get attracted to women

Extra-marital affair is more than likely in case of such individual’s life if not adultery happens owing to his charismatic nature. On a positive note this is a character loved by all, having best helping nature except for one person his (or) her wife

Such an individual will have lots of girl babies (daughters)

Remedies For Venus in 3rd house :

Be loyal to your wife or husband and don’t get involved in adultery or extramarital affair

Obey your wife. In case you obey your wife she will be a pillar of support for your life same way does the second bull in a bullock cart does hold the balance

Wife is extremely supportive to you and she will save you from wrong friendships, deceit, theft ,harm etc

Extramarital affair will impact your longevity, stay controlled

If the planets like jupiter, sun are placed in 9th or 11th houses the impact will be much greater so be careful

To live long, hale, healthy , wealthy life respect your wife and avoid flirting

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Venus in 4th house Remedies for better life

Venus the planet of luxury, riches, enjoyment, wealth when posited in 4th house of an individuals’s horoscope bestows him all the best wealth, riches and luxury. This comes at the cost of two wives. If not there is a possibility of rift between wife and mother-in-law that leaves the individual in a tension state of mind day in day out. Venus represents girl babies and the individual loses the possibility of having a son if he chooses to close the well in his home with a roof, by extending sunshade above the well, building house or rooms above the well, purchasing an apartment above the water source etc. Businesses associated with planet mercury like communication, media, astrology might prove harmful to him

Such an individual should avoid drinking liquor if not he will have bad effects from planet saturn

If jupiter is placed in 1st house and venus in 4th house there will be frequent quarrel between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

If jupiter is placed in 10th house and venus in 4th house the person should not try to be pious and religious. Else he will face adverse impact in life

Businesses related to planet mars like land, blood, health etc will prove beneficial to him

Remedies to lessen the evil effects of venus in fourth house :

Rename your wife and remarry her formally for second time to avoid adultery issues

Keep roof of your house clean and avoid extending roof over the well to have sons. This will bestow best health to your wife as well

Throw milk, silver, rice in river or flowing water

Throw chickpeas, gram, dhal, kesar in flowing water to reduce ill effects of planet jupiter

Feed mother like aged women with milk, keer the milk sweet to lesses in-law fight

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IRA Retirement Account Types

There are many different types of IRA – Traditional IA, Roth IRA, Self-directed IRA etc
Similarities – All of these are self-directed retirement investment schemes. In all these schemes we can choose to invest in equities, stocks, shares, fixed income products including bank CD’s, precious metals like gold,silver,platinum,palladium
Differences – Traditional IRA is pre-tax saving whereas ROTH IRA is post tax-saving
Traditional IRA is taxable upon withdrawal. ROTH IRA is not taxable upon withdrawal and 10% penalty on early withdrawal is deferred in case of ROTH IRA
Choose the one that fits right as both are good retirement options
Self-directed IRA – This is a popular IRA among real estate investment community as the amount can be withdrawn to purchase properties both primary as well as rental properties. The rent made needs to be credited back onto IRA. Talk to your IRA provider to see if they offer one

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Is HSA same as 401K?

Though they are different entities both invest in bank deposits, mutual funds, earn dividends, earn interest and the earnings grow tax free. HSA can be utilized to pay medical bills as well as one can utilize the amount in HSA to pay insurance premium while the person happens to be out of the job. Some 401k plans allow loans of about 50% of the amount vested with a maximum limit of $50000. However, 401k loans come with some restrictions
In case of HSA though this operates as an investment account whose earnings grow tax free it may not be possible to go for a loan against HSA. All we can do is use it for acceptable medical reimbursement.

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Money Making Hobbies

This is spring season and spring break is a perfect time to find some real good time that will help you encash your hobby. Follow these simple steps to turn your hobby into money making machine:
1) Write what you like – This is plain simple mantra. You can launch a professional website or you can confine your interest to a free blogspot and still make good revenue out of it. However, free blogspot does come with its own drawbacks. Hence, investing as little as $1 per year on domain with $1 per month hosting option does worth it. This can help you as potential career option in future
2) Teach your passion – Tutoring or teaching an often overlooked niche is the money spinner. With both parents making it to office day in day out if you have natural passion for teaching a subject you are interested in it will bring in lot of money. This can be as simple as teaching your native language to as complex as teaching a mathematical theory. If you are in grade IX teach grade VI. This will help you bringing extra cash
3) Take up part-time jobs – this will include petty jobs as small as working in a shop, car pooling, leasing your car when it is not being used. Don’t hesitate to be a chauffeur offering simple airport pickup and drop service, school pickup and drop service when you find any opportunity
4) Babysitting/Nanny Services- This is a lucrative career option that can be done on part-time during the summer or spring break. You can choose to offer babysitting services on an hourly basis. Be it your neighbor, friend, family. This can potentially turn to be a lucrative career option
5) Arts and craft work – Simple embroidery, jewelry making, doll making, knitting, crocheting and what not? Turn your art and craft passion into lucrative career. Conduct art craft workshop, bootcamps this break that will help you get school students participate in camp programs. This is a lucrative money making option
6) Gardening – Best for health, good for your family, healthy food and lots of peace.This is what gardening does bring in. Once you choose to grow at home, you can cut cost on vegetables and end up eating healthy organic vegetables at home. This also brings in feel good factor

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TTV dinakaran horoscope

Shri TTV dinakaran has been released on bail. There are some cases pending against him in which he is expected to be arrested. Now, the million dollar question is possibility of TTV dinakaran to be made general secretary of AIADMK,made CM of tamilnadu. Is there a possibility of this happening? Lets see what horoscope has to say about this TTV dinakaran date of birth is not available online. If someone knows about this and willing to share the detail we can provide more insight. Lets analyse the possibility of him becoming CM of tamilnadu from smt sasikala’s horoscope perspective. Sasikala born in uttrasadha nakshatra makara rasi is currently under influence of 3rd round of 7.5 years saturn called elarai nattan. This is third and final round of this saturn. Typically this is called kanda sani meaning the last stages in ones life causing issues equivalent to death or similar problems. We have already predicted that sasikala will not become CM which turned out to be true. Also edapadi is under same star and will lose his power soon. With the december 19th 2017 saturn transit complete Edapadi palaisamy will lose power soon. Coming to OPS born in revathi star he has saturn in 10th house and will not be able to regain power again after december 19th 2017 saturn transit. As such TTV dinakaran will win RK nagar election Overall M.K.Stalin born in pooram star has saturn in 5th house after december 19th 2017 saturn transit, vijayakanth born in chitra star have great timing next two years particularly after december 19th 2017 but the dasa is not favorable as he is currently under influence of mercury dasa and his ascendant happens to be scorpio ruled by mars natural enemy of mercury. Of these two stalin has the best time and chances of becoming chief minister of tamilnadu soon. Henceforth, there will be dissolution of tamilnadu government by April 2018 timeframe, after the general election by coming on december timeframe M.K.Stalin will be the chief minister of tamilnadu Note: This is purely based on simple astro calculation from us. No political offence and we are not affiliated to any political party or individual parties

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Bulk grocery purchase to save money in bulk

I went out for a shopping today. I was looking at the cost of groceries that I use on a daily basis including tooth paste, soaps,tissue papers, body wash to name a few. When I noticed the price tag I was able to see that the price of my regular toothpaste is up by 20 cents. This made me think what I can do best to save money towards my grocery purchase an unavoidable purchase made by all of us. Found some great ways to save big
How can your bulk grocery shopping help you save money?
Most of us concentrate on major items like bedding, bath, clothing, electronics to save during thanks giving day, cyber Mondays , Christmas deals, labor day sale etc. Most of us miss to see that by purchasing groceries in bulk for next 2 years( look at expiry date. Most of them can be used beyond 3 years), we can save closer to 20% to 30% on our grocery purchase. Depending on number of family members it may vary between $20 to $50.
1) Purchase tooth brush for your family in bulk – There are times wherein you get BOGO, coupons on free tooth brush etc. Avail all these opportunities
2) Purchase toothpaste in best deals available during thanks giving, Christmas sale. I’ve seen nearly 60% discount, packaged toothpaste sales saving big during these months
3) Purchase soaps, body wash solution – This can be a thanks giving day , black friday steal deal. Toiletries, perfumes will be on bulk discount with special coupons, clearance sale mainly during months of september, october, november, december
4) Look out for coupons while purchasing Laundry detergents for washing clothes. If you would like to avail coupon discount in bulk group of friends, family members can join and save big on such items
5) Purchase room cleaning solution, toilet cleaners, grease and stain remover for kitchen – This can be used for as long as 3 to 5 years. Again these items come as part of clearance, coupon sale on regular basis
6) Purchase new mob, gloves used while cleaning stove
These are some common simple purchases often overlooked during special days that come with deals like thanks giving day, labor day sale, memorial day sale, independence day sale and lots more. Make it a point not to miss this during this purchase. Always penny saved is penny earned.

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Planet moon chandran coolest planet

Planet Moon popularly called by name chandran, chandra, chand and lots more has more to do with the life of one’s mother as moon is often associated with moon in one’s horoscope, mind of a person as moon is closest to earth and has reater impact on state of mind of a person, wealth of an individual as moon is often associated with business, luxury,enjoyment,happiness, shrewdness alertness of a person, character of a person in terms of love affection emotion and what not all best things. Moon/chandran is popularly called as mathrukaragan meaning a planet whose association starts from mother’s umblical cord
Gods relevant to moon worship are devi parasakthi the wife of lord paramashiva and it is interesting to note that a person with moon properly supported by saturn or moon supported by mars, moon given best benefits by venus will enjoy best luxurious life during the moon dasa bukthi antharam period.
Lord Sri venkateswara(tirupathi lord) balaji also often termed as lord of wealth is considered to rule moon as per some texts, vigneshwara/lord ganapathi. Moon determines the kind of clothing a person will be interested in like silk, cotton (luxury or simple dressing style).Parts of the body ruled by the planet moon are left eye, eyebrows, mind of a person.If moon is ill-placed in a persons horoscope, the person will be a poor decision maker, full of wavering mind, will have little to no confidence and lots of bad effects. For leo lagna is moon is posited in 6th house or 12th house this bestows best benefits