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Actor Santhanam Career Saturn transit Astrological Predictions

Actor santhanam born in purvabadhra star, kumbha rasi has had best 2.5 years until november 1st 2014 owing to saturn properly posited in 9th house. Saturn has transited into 10th house and we give a simple astrological analysis on santhanam’s career

1) Santhanam is born in Mesha lagnam, kumbha rasi

2) Saturn is posited in 8th house form ascendant/lagna, 10th house form his rasi/birth star

3) Saturn the lord of 10th and 11th house happens to be in 6th house in his base chart

4) As such career for actor santhanam is not too promising next two years

Santhanam can pray lord hanuman on thursdays.

Starting July 15 upto June 2016 his career will be stable. Otherwise his career will have hiccups next two years