Bedford Street – A posh residential business location at the heart of Stamford CT

Bedford street is one of the very important post residential business location situated in heart of Stamford, CT. It extends from broad street till the high ridge road.

Real Estate Prospects:

The real estate investment prospects are fantastic in this area where the residential business locations are immediately picked up for rent. The residential location starts from $1600 and goes still $3500.


All the apartments have excellent laundry facilities.

Private Laundries:

  • Laundromat
  • Pant Hems Cleaners

Educational Institutions:

  • Stamford High School (In Strawberry Hill Avenue)


  • Odyssey Hair Designs
  • Me 2 Nails

Fast Foods/Restaurants:

Some of the foods/restaurants are as follows:

  • Bedford Street Diner
  • Chopsticks King
  • Stamford Salads
  • Tigin Irish Pub
  • Hudson Grille
  • Butterfield 8

Theatre/Recreational Activities:

  • Avlon Theater


  • Chase (Available in Prospect Street)
  • Patriot National Bank
  • ATM(Key Bank)

General Stores/Pharmacy:

  • Rite Aid Pharmacy

Automotive Centers:

  • Available in East Main Street (Firestone, Meineke car care center)

Gas Station:

  • Available in East Main Street or in High Ridge Road


  • Ferguson Main Library (In Broad Street)

Medical Clinics:

  • G & S Specialties

Transportation Services:

  • Bus Service runs through Bedford Street (Bus No:31)


  • Latham Park

Other Places of Interest:

  • Stamford Vaporium of Connecticut
  • Stamford Police Department
  • Jennifer M.Diaz, RPH
  • St Onge Steward Johnston and Reens
  • Connecticut Department of Social Services
  • Church of the Archangels

Security/Is it Safe to live in Bedford Street:

An ideal place for both residential and commercial activities is always secure and safe place to live.

Overall Rating in a Scale of 10 (where 10 is the best rating to live): 10/10