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Bigboss Snehan horoscope success analysis predictions

Snehan popularly known as kavingar snehan was born on 23rd June 1978 at Pudhukariyapatti, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India. Snehan has acted in popular tamil movie uyarthiru 420 one of my favorite movies with totally different screenplay. All his songs do have ton lot of content and are very entertaining as well. Snehan originally born as selvam in a family of five has moved out of his birth place before 17 years and has become extremely popular owing to his charisma, way he presented himself in tamil big boss season 1 game

Snehan birth star happens to be shravanam the most popular thiruvonam birth star of our super star rajinikanth. The time of birth is unknown. Lets do soem analysis based on jupiter transits, planetary position of saturn, rahu, kethu

As of July 27th 2017 planet rahu kethu did transit from leo-kumbha onto makara-cancer positions. Rahu is the lord of second house that being posited in 7th house would have created lots of jealousy among his neighbors, family and friends startign last july onwards. It was clearly evident from performance of snehan as he was progressing overcoming all the issues with his intelligence

On September 2nd 2017 jupiter did transit from 9th house onto 10th house. 10th house determines occupation and jupiter in 10th house happens to be one of the most unfavorable positions. Henceforth, jupiter transit has started showing some real pressures in his big boss house relationship starting september 2nd 2017 , has gone worst with car game on september 12th 2017. As per another panchangam the jupiter transit is on september 12th 2017

Now, saturn the most favorable planet is in 11th house the house of luck, fortuen until december 19th 2017. Considering this and rahu position chances of snehan winnign the title and becomign big boss winner is very favorable. He is currently under influence of jupiter dasa and planet jupiter is not in good position. Henceforth, at last minute he might lose the game. Overall chances of winning the game for snehan is 50% only