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Bigboss Suja Varuni horoscope success analysis

Suja varunee had an unexpected entry onto tamil big boss house few weeks after oviya had to leave the big boss house out of frustration, her emotional breakup with aarav of maruthuva mutham (medicinal kiss) at big boss show. Suja did enter the house in a costume same as oviya did in teh beginning. It was an indication to housemates that she is the continuation of oviya. Adding to this suja tried to gain popularity by showing her emotions including her personal sorrows about her father leaving her family as soon as she was born, her failures with movie characters etc

Now, coming to her horoscope analysis her date of birth happens to be january 16th 1985 and she was born in andhra pradesh India. The birth star of suja varunee happens to be anuradha aka anusham teh star ruled by planet saturn. Itnerestingly let me open the secret now. There is a very great chance of suja going all the way upto finals owing her position of kethu the planet that rules scorpio aka viruchika rasi that holds anusham star. However, jupiter transit that did happen on september 12th 2017 is very unfavorable for suja varunee. Also, kethu is in makara the house of saturna dn saturn is in viruchika rasi the janma sani giving lots of physial and mental pressure to her. Only saving grace is rahu in 9th house.

As such the saturn transit is to take place on december 19th 2017 and until then things wont be very much favorable for suja. Though she progresses all the way upto finals chances of winning big boss season 1 tamil title is slim for suja varunee