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Bulk grocery purchase to save money in bulk

I went out for a shopping today. I was looking at the cost of groceries that I use on a daily basis including tooth paste, soaps,tissue papers, body wash to name a few. When I noticed the price tag I was able to see that the price of my regular toothpaste is up by 20 cents. This made me think what I can do best to save money towards my grocery purchase an unavoidable purchase made by all of us. Found some great ways to save big
How can your bulk grocery shopping help you save money?
Most of us concentrate on major items like bedding, bath, clothing, electronics to save during thanks giving day, cyber Mondays , Christmas deals, labor day sale etc. Most of us miss to see that by purchasing groceries in bulk for next 2 years( look at expiry date. Most of them can be used beyond 3 years), we can save closer to 20% to 30% on our grocery purchase. Depending on number of family members it may vary between $20 to $50.
1) Purchase tooth brush for your family in bulk – There are times wherein you get BOGO, coupons on free tooth brush etc. Avail all these opportunities
2) Purchase toothpaste in best deals available during thanks giving, Christmas sale. I’ve seen nearly 60% discount, packaged toothpaste sales saving big during these months
3) Purchase soaps, body wash solution – This can be a thanks giving day , black friday steal deal. Toiletries, perfumes will be on bulk discount with special coupons, clearance sale mainly during months of september, october, november, december
4) Look out for coupons while purchasing Laundry detergents for washing clothes. If you would like to avail coupon discount in bulk group of friends, family members can join and save big on such items
5) Purchase room cleaning solution, toilet cleaners, grease and stain remover for kitchen – This can be used for as long as 3 to 5 years. Again these items come as part of clearance, coupon sale on regular basis
6) Purchase new mob, gloves used while cleaning stove
These are some common simple purchases often overlooked during special days that come with deals like thanks giving day, labor day sale, memorial day sale, independence day sale and lots more. Make it a point not to miss this during this purchase. Always penny saved is penny earned.