Can I wear Emerald stone stud in Gold or Emerald stud in silver works the best

All of you might have come across many different websites on astrology talking about different planets, their nature, effects of different mahadasas, anthradasas, nature of different rasis, lagnas, yogams etc. There will be different articles on different kinds of gem stones, gemstone associated with a planet etc. Here I’m going to present an entirely different article which talks about the effect of emerald when stud in gold and emerald stud in silver

Emerald Stud In Gold :

1) Emerald is the gemstone of the most auspicious planet (great for business) Mercury. As a blogger which is an industry associated with Mercury (books, publishing)

2) Gold is the metal ruled by planet Jupiter

3) As per ancient vedic astrology books Mercury is the prime enemy of the planet Jupiter

4) Silver is ruled by the planet Venus

5) Mercury and Venus are best friends

6) Emerald stud in mercury works best

7) Men should wear in right finder, women in left finger

8) Mercury rules little finger

9) Emerald+silver+little finger – Best combination

10) If you find it difficult you can also wear it in middle finger. Middle finger is ruled by saturn (best friend of mercury)