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Haldirams Indian Snacks

Haldirams indian snacks available for sale across USA
Variety of haldirams snacks available across USA. Variety is the spice of life
Items sold included:
Dahi kebab
Sabudhana tikki
Veg shami kebab
Soya shami kebab
HAra khara kebab

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Thali Regional Cuisine Of India

Thali the authentic Indian cuisine located at New Cannan offers Delivery & To Go options. You have option to order online
Call : 2039728332 [New Cannan], 2038941080[Ridgefield]

We also offer catering and party orders. Call us today to learn more on menu options. Hot and Spicy options also available

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Chinese Recipe Chowfun Meifun Varieties

An interesting chinese recipe chow fun or mei fun is available in many different varieties :

1) Vegetable chow fun or mei fun

2) Roasted Pork chow fun or mei fun

3) Chicken chow fun or mei fun

4) Beef chow fun or mei fun

5) Shrimp chow fun or mei fun

6) Singapore style chow fun or mei fun

7) Home made special chow fun or mei fun

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Beef Varieties Chinese Restaurant

We can find beef in many different flavour and variation in chinese restaurant. They can be best served with rice

1) Beef with oyster sauce

2) Beef with bean sprouts

3) Beef with chinese vegetables

4) Beef with mushroom

5) Beef with string bean

6) Beef with pepper and tomato

7) Pepper steak with onion

8) Beef with broccoli

9) Beef ith mixed vegetables

10) Hunan beef

11) Szechuan beef

12) Curry beef with onion

13) Kung po beef

14) Beef with scallion

15) Hot and spicy beef

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Popular Chinese Fries list

Most of us want to explore different food items. Before visiting a restaurant that is totally ne to us, it is a great idea to explore few details on what we can look out for in that restaurant. Here are few interesting fried items that is available in most of the chinese restaurants

1) Chicken Wings

2) Fried Half Chicken

3) Fried Scallops

4) Chicken Nuggets

5) Fried Shrimps

6) Fried Baby Shrimps

7) Fried Crab Sticks

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Common Chinese Soups Restaurant Dishes

It is always good practice to start with soups. Some popular chinese soups have been listed below. Most of these soups are liquid appetizers

1) Egg drop soup

2) Chicken Rice soup

3) Chicken noodle soup

4) Wonton soup

5) Wonton egg drop mixed soup

6) Chicken soup

7) Chicken corn soup

8) Vegetable soup

9) Hot and sour soup

10) Seafood soup

11) Homemade wonton soup

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Chinese Fried Rice Popular Varieties

Chinese fried rice the most noted dish from chinese restaurants comes in many different variant forms. Some common chinese fried rice varieties have been listed below :

1) Plain Chinese fried rice

2) Roasted Pork fried rice

3) Vegetable fried rice

4) Chicken fried rice

5) Shrimp fried rice

6) Beef fried rice

7) Seafood fried rice

8) Homemade special fried rice

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Interesting Chinese Chowmein Chopsuey Dishes

Some interesting chinese chow mein (or) chop suey dishes go great with rice. Here are some interesting variants of chinese chop suey

1) Vegetable chow mein (or) vegetable chop suey

2) Roast pork chop suey(or) roasted pork chow mein

3) Chicken chow mein (or) chop suey

4) Beef chow mein (or) chop suey

5) Shrimp chop suey (or) chow mein

6) Home made chop suey (or) chow mein

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Indian Fritter Ravai Vadai,Maida Vadai,Sooji Vadai,Sooji Fritter,Rice Flour Vadai

Ravai/Maida/Rice Flour Vadai is a peculiar breed of vadai that can be prepared without any lentils (pulses).
Ingredients :
Ravai(rosted) – 1 cup
Rice Flour – 1 cup
Maida – 1 cup
Salt – addded to taste
Chopped onions – 1 cup
Red chilli powder – added to taste
Asafoetida powder/Perunkayam – a pinch
Ghee – 2 tsp (for crispy feel)
Oil – as needed
Method of Preparation :
Mix the above mentioned ingredients and allow it to ferment for about 1 hour and 30 mins (1 hour will do).
Fry the vadai in oil.
Serve hot as a side-dish.