NEW! DepositFriendly ATM From Chase Bank,NEW! DepositFriendly ATM From J.P Morgan & Chase Bank

J.P.Morgan & Chase Bank or Chase Bank has come up with an innovative customer-service solution which is the best user friendly solution I’ve ever used. Last week I went to chase for depositing my cheque. I hurried thinking that I should reach the bank during operating hours. Owing to traffic, I couldn’t make it. I was 15 minutes late. So, I thought of depositing my cash with the details entered in the deposit receipt . After that I put my deposit receipt and cheque in the envelope and headed towards my ATM machine. There’s wherein I found an interesting phamplet talking about the NEW! DepositFriendly ATM. I read the instructions from the phamplet which asked me to insert my cheque directly (Believe my its my cheque alone) after which I’ve to enter my authorization credentials and the transaction happened in 1 minute. I also received my receipt giving details on my account balance, transaction. WOW! Amazing service from Chase…Hereafter we don’t have to rush to Bank for depositing our cheque.We can do it at leisure…Even on weekends……Following are some of the features included in this NEW! DepositFriendly ATM Service :
1) We can insert stacks of upto 30 checks at a time
2) We can insert stacks of upto 50 bills at a time
3) We can verify the deposits on screen before completing the transaction
4) Receipt will have image of the cheque deposited, itemized list of deposited cheque
5) Checks need to be inserted facing upwards, with signature to the right
6) No paper clips or staples can be included

SBI Instapay Charges

SBI instapay is the instapay facility from SBI the state bank of India.SBI the premiere bank from India has come out with an exciting new facility named SBI Instapay to make online bill payment quite easy and simple. This is an easy online payment service making utility bill payments a piece of cake.SBI Instapay service a service alongside SBI oxi-pay service called oxigen offers payment possible using billdesk payment system to pay utility bills, credit card bills, insurance premiums liek annual LIC premium, magazine subscription like subscription of natioanl, local, regional magazzines which is easy and simple online, donations, recharge of mobile phones, recharge of dish services like DTH easy. The main advantage of either of these services sbi instapay from billdesk and sbi oxipay called SBI oxigen is that no prior registration is needed for using these services
Following are the types of payments that is possible using SBI instapay utility bill payments – Electricity bills covering most of the Indian states
APSPDCL- Southern Power Distribution Company Limited Of AP
BESCOM Banglore
BSES (Rajdhani)
BSES (Yamuna) Delhi(NCR)
Chhattisgarh state Electricity Board
Daman and Diu Electricity Department
Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Limited
DNH Power Distribution Corporation Limited
India Power Corporation Limited
Jaipur Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd.
Jodhpur Vidhyut Vitran Nigam Ltd
Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company ltd
Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited
Meghalaya State Electricity Corporation Limited
MP Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Co. Ltd (Bhopal)
Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd (Indore) – NONRAPDR
MP Paschim Kendra Vidyut Co. Ltd (Jabalpur)
MP Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Co. Ltd (Indore)
MSEDC Ltd. Maharashtra
Noida Power Company Limited
Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited
Reliance Energy
Tata Power Distribution Ltd
TSSPDCL (Old CPDCL- Hyderabad)
TSECL – Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited
Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited
Mobile bills – prepaid, postpaid
DTH service providers
Credit card bills
Broadband internet bills
landline bills
Fuel bills – gas, petrol, diesel
Insurance bills
Gift cards
loan repayment
tax payments
So, what is the advantage of SBI Instapay?
No prior registration with billers is needed. This include range of billers/service providers like
1) Electricity bill
2) Water bill
3) DTH bill
4) Mobile recharge/topup bill
5) Donation
6) Insurance premium bill
7) Credit card bill
Who can avail this SBI Instapay?
This is available to retail SBI user . All that is needed to make use of this facility is an user with online transaction rights
From where can I access this feature?
It is again from usual simple online sBI portal
How to Use SBI Instapay Feature?
SBI Instapay is the latest feature from State bank of India the premiere Indian bank that serves local Indian community as well as NRI’s with its best quality service
Here are the simple steps to be followed to access and use SBI Instapay feature
1) Log onto
2) Click on SBI Instapay link in the Homepage of the
3) Disclaimer clause appears and click Accept to agree the clause. this will direct us to SBI Instapay page
4) Choose type of service and biller information like electricity, credit card, DTH,mobile topup etc and fillin needed information
5) This is followed by logging using username, password and transaction password needed to make a successful online transaction
6) Once transaction gets completed we get confirmation page
Where else can I contact to get more details on SBI Instapay feature?
18004253800 and 1800112211 are toll free number to get more details on this feature
SBI instapay is the online utility bill payment service from state bank of India. With its growing customer base SBI has been expanding its horizon into online space and SBI instapay is one such service. So, is there any charge associated with SBI Instapay service? Simple answer is no
SBI instapay is available in the form of mobile app as well

18006521111 Bankofamerica Personal Checks and accessories

Bank of america offers plethora of options alongside banking. This includes personal checks that helps you pay your bills, accessories etc
How to order personal checks if I run out of check leaves?
It is simple and can be done online:
Look at catalog of cehcks and choose right option
Select checkprotect for secure and trackable delivery
It can be ordered over phone : 18006521111
Tis can be accomplished with help of Solutions for Business division from Bank of America:
They offer expert support
Best service
Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
18002346147 for English
18662396761 for spanish [Espanol]

Validity of 15ca and 15cb

Reserve Bank Of India the premiere financial regulatory body in India has released a circular on May 7th 2012. According to this NRI’s (Non Resident Indians) who currently maintain NRO account with any of the banks present in India can have their funds transferred to their NRE account
This is a gift move much awaited by many NRIs ever since interest rates have been sky rocketing in NRE accounts. According to current rate on an average the investments gets doubled in about 7 years and 5 months to 7 years and 10 months in case of 10 year NRE fixed deposit
NRE has an additional advantage that NRI’s dont have to pay a single penny towards Indian Income taxes. However in case of countries like USA , the FBAR law that has come into effect since January 29th 2012 has mandated the declaration of investment and earnings on foreign investment of US residents. It is good to check with your CPA on this
What are the steps to move money from NRO to NRE?
NRO interest income is taxavle in India. Even with DTAA submission tax comes around 15% in case of US residents. Hence it is a good idea to make a move from NRO to NRE.
Though the steps are not properly documented RBI circular states the following facts
1) Transfer of about 1 million USD pr year is permitted
2) Taxes must be paid properly before moving NRO to NRE. TDS deduction is automatic in most banks and this is taken care of by them. Some banks are willing to waive penalty during this move. Please check with your banker to know more details
3) Forms including 15CA, 15CB and A2 must be filled with the help of your auditor in India and we need to submit the same to the bank
Utilize this opportunity to save and grow rich
Following the RBI policy change to transfer money from NRO to NRE account directly without repatriation need forms 15CA and 15CB have become the talk of the tow. So, NRI’s who make monthly income abroad make it a habot to transfer funds on a monthly basis. In the case most of them have multiple fixed deposits/special term deposits as banks call it variously opened under their NRO account.
If they wish to proceed with NRO to NRE transfer what should they do? Is it sufficient to submit one 15CA and 15CB form or more forms.
Here is the simple reply from banks on this question
Forms 15CA and 15CB are used for repatriation now in our case transfer from NRO to NRE account (internally referes to savings account as NRO FC to NRE FD is not feasible) on a ONE TIME BASIS
For each and every repatriation we need to provide different 15CA and 15CB forms.
Say you have opened FD’s from January to December of last year you need to wait until December (if you wish to take advantage of 1 year interest rate)  of this year break all FD’s put it onto NRO savings and have this transferred onto NRE in a single shot
If not close FD’s from January upto June, put it in NRO savings, transfer money from NRO to NRE savings. Submit one form 15CA and 15CB for this purpose
Wait for further maturity close it one by one, submit 15CA and 15CB for each and every transfer (remittance)
Plan good before you initiate this transfer process
Can I submit Multiple Form 15CA and 15CB during a year?
ARBI has opened gates to transfer money from NRO to NRE account. Since then this is a common topic of discussion. To give a lime light on how to safely transfer your money with minimal loss in interest here are the pointers to be followed
1) Obtain form 15CA from your auditor. Form 15CB and A2 are to be filled by you. Submit all the three documents to your bank
2) In a year we can transfer upto 1 million USD from NRO to NRE account
3) This internally means that we can submit any number of form 15CA and 15CB (multiple submission allowed) considering the fact that the amount to be trnasferred doesnt exceed 1 million USD
Do I need To Submit Form 15CA,15CB for NRO to NRE Transfer?
We have discussed about the RBI circular that permits the transfer of  money from NRO ro NRE account. This is high time to save on taxes at India. The next question is about the necessity to submit forms 15CA, 15CB to the bank branch to initiate this transfer.
So, is it needed to submit these documents?
Simple answer is YES. The logic works this way
1) Maximum 1 million USD can betransferred from NRO to NRE per year subject to payment of taxes
2) The user can choose to initiate transfer from NRE – This money needs to be properly validated by bank
RBI has clearly specified that the steps are the same as NRO repatriation onto foreign account except that it is a local NRE account
So, can I transfer my NRO FD’s to NRE FD’s?
Simple answer is it may be not possible. NRO savings to NRE savings is the possible way to have this transfer.
Talk to your bank manager and auditor to start next steps

Sbi billdesk instapay

Billdesk insta pay is the latest online service from state bank of india. As more organizations are moving towards centralization SBI has interestingly come up with the idea of centralizing the online bill payment. This covers plethora of services including :
1) Utility bills – telephone, mobile, gas, electricity
2) Recharging – credit cards, mobile phones, prepaid mobiles, postpaid mobiles
3) DTH bill
4) Premium bills – insurance
5) Subscription bills – magazines, newspaper
6) Donation – religious organization, charity
How do I access SBI billdesk insta pay?