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CSS Interview Questions

What is CSS?
CSS stands for cascading style sheets. It is used to provide uniform design layout across all the pages in website.
What is the major advantage of CSS?
In earlier days HTML used to be the most popular web designing language. If we create a website with 100 pages, we need to design each and ecery page. If we change the colour of website say for example, we need to modify the colour value across 100 pages. This is a tedious job when it comes to million page websites. As a workaround, we can have a single CSS file in which we define website layout, structure that can be used across million pages
Where is CSS mostly used?
Now-s-days we see plenty of ready-made website templates. One most popular blogging platform using CSS is from Google.
Give some properties of style sheets:-
CSS background
CSS Text
CSS Font
CSS Border
CSS Outline
CSS Margin
CSS Padding
CSS List
CSS Table