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Know Your Taxi Charge Before Your Trip, Taxi Fare Calculator, Google Maps Taxi Fare Calculator

We will get to know our taxi charges when we prebook it. If we are on vacation and if we need a cab unexpectedly, we might wonder what it is going to cost us. Also, we would like to know the shortest route that will take us to the desired destination.
All, our problems have been addressed with this international taxi fare calculator.
1) We can enter the starting location, destination, time click on Let’s go..
2) We’ll get information on Taxi fare, Google route map mapping source to destination route.
3) If there is no route or no sufficient information to calculate taxi fare, we find O/P like this :

“A directions request could not be successfully computed. This could happen if there is no route available between the two points, or if we do not have data for routing in that region, or if the route for the given directions query cannot be returned due to legal or contractual reasons.”
4) They have a list of cities in form of drop down menu within which we can compute taxi fare

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