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Mathru moola dhana yoga

Have you ever wondered if your parents would have helped you a lot in achieving your goals and dreams. Though we have affinity, affection towards our parents it is interesting to know that horoscope of a person talks more on if mother can be luck bestowing factor in ones life

Lets see what Matrumooladdhana does translates to?

In astrological terms matru meansmother, pithru means father

Moola dhanam means seed money

As such Matrumooladdhana literally translates to mother seed money.

This can’t be taken the way it is. Lets look at what this internally means – A person with a particular astrological combination can get best monetary benefits from his mother.

When does Matrumooladdhana Yogam occur in a person’s horoscope?

Matrumooladdhana Yogam occurs under the following combination pattern in ones horoscope

1) Lord of the 2nd house joins the 4th house lord

2) Lord of the second house is aspected by the lord of the fourth house

Waht benefits does a person enjoy with this combination?

A person with matrumooladdhana Yogam will have the following benefits:

1) He earns plenty of money with the help of his mother

2) He will have lots of care, affection, attention from his mother

Lets analyse the way it works from astrological perspective

Second house is called dhana sthanam, vakku sthanam, kudumbha sthanam – All this maps to ones family life, communication skill, spouse, life as such, monetary aspects etc

Lord of 4th house determines mother’s character, life of mother after kid is born, affinity the mother will have towards her kid etc

Now the combination or aspect is evident that mother will help kid have lots of money in inheritance. This can be help from mother, lots of money from mother depending on the aspect, combination, enemy or friendship relationship of planets in ones horoscope. See if you can make lot of money with the help of your mother today