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Menstrual Cycle Problem In Women And solutions To Overcome These Problems

Menstrual Cycle Problem is a major problem in women these days.Plenty of factors contribute to menstrual cycle problem starting from hereditary factors, obesity, anaemia, hypothyroidism to environmental factors
1) Hereditary Factors – This is a major factor.
Solution :
1) Meet a good endocranologist at an early stage to resolve the problems
2) Obesity – Most common problem among women today and contributes to 90% of menstrual cycle problems
Solution :
1) Follow healthy food habits
2) Practice exercise regularly
3) Replace sweets and snacks (junk food) with fruit and vegetable salads
4) Depression is another factor that causes obesity. So practice stress relieving techniques
3) Anaemia – This is a situation caused by lack of proper blood count in human body. In rough terms 14% is the regular RBC count expected in woman body and 17% is the RBC count for a normal male body. Lack of proper blood cell count particularly RBC (Red Blood Corpuscels) leads to anaemia.
Solution :
1) Consume plenty of iron rich foods like greens
2) Take fruits on a daily basis. Pomagranate can create magic
3) Under doctor consultation, consume iron rich tablets
4) Hypothyroidism – This is a situation caused by lack of proper thyroid gland secretion in human body. This could be due to dysfunction of thyroid gland.
Solution :
Take consultation of endocranologist.
Take proper medicines.
Consume foods rich in Iodine content including brinjal, greens etc
Use iodized salt

Practice pranayamic techniques.

Practice Mudras – Surya Mudra.
Practice yogasanas :

Bujangasana, dhanurasana.

5) Environmental factors – This includes change in climate, mental tensions caused by job, personal problems, longterm depression etc.
Solution :
To overcome these problems practice some stress relieving techniques like yoga, meditatio, pranayama, reiki, art of living.

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