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Money Making Hobbies

This is spring season and spring break is a perfect time to find some real good time that will help you encash your hobby. Follow these simple steps to turn your hobby into money making machine:
1) Write what you like – This is plain simple mantra. You can launch a professional website or you can confine your interest to a free blogspot and still make good revenue out of it. However, free blogspot does come with its own drawbacks. Hence, investing as little as $1 per year on domain with $1 per month hosting option does worth it. This can help you as potential career option in future
2) Teach your passion – Tutoring or teaching an often overlooked niche is the money spinner. With both parents making it to office day in day out if you have natural passion for teaching a subject you are interested in it will bring in lot of money. This can be as simple as teaching your native language to as complex as teaching a mathematical theory. If you are in grade IX teach grade VI. This will help you bringing extra cash
3) Take up part-time jobs – this will include petty jobs as small as working in a shop, car pooling, leasing your car when it is not being used. Don’t hesitate to be a chauffeur offering simple airport pickup and drop service, school pickup and drop service when you find any opportunity
4) Babysitting/Nanny Services- This is a lucrative career option that can be done on part-time during the summer or spring break. You can choose to offer babysitting services on an hourly basis. Be it your neighbor, friend, family. This can potentially turn to be a lucrative career option
5) Arts and craft work – Simple embroidery, jewelry making, doll making, knitting, crocheting and what not? Turn your art and craft passion into lucrative career. Conduct art craft workshop, bootcamps this break that will help you get school students participate in camp programs. This is a lucrative money making option
6) Gardening – Best for health, good for your family, healthy food and lots of peace.This is what gardening does bring in. Once you choose to grow at home, you can cut cost on vegetables and end up eating healthy organic vegetables at home. This also brings in feel good factor