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My health benefit upon reading book The One Thing

Though I have not been in habit of reading personality development books over past few years this year’s bucket list does contain my responsibility to pick, read, complete, implement and see the results in my life by reading atleast one personality development book
1) Choose the right book – There can be 1000’s of book on this topic. So, to choose a book I wrote down my goals further and found that with too many side projects in place I get pressurized as I could not focus on all of them with equal attention. Also, I have had fantastic weight loss and some unexpected weight gain last year. I was scared as I worked like hell to lose real good pounds and maintaining weight is not too easy. So, I should choose a book that talks about focus in life
2) Pick the correct book – When shopping for options I found The One Thing as the best seller in this category. I was not willing to spend money in first place and put a hold in my public library and I had to wait for 1 month before I got it
3) Read the book – I wanted to initiate and maintain a discipline as it has been so long since I’ve read paperbacks. So, I started reading this book as soon as I borrowed the book from library. This cute, little, white book added fuel to my interest and the interest did increase upon reading paper after paper
4) Complete the book – I’ve set a deadline before which this book needs to be completed. Hence, I’ve completed the book meeting deadline
5) Implement the concepts – Here comes the crucial point I was aiming for. Started implementing the concepts that I have noted down from many different chapters in this book. In this post I’ll discuss the health aspect improvement that I’ve gained out of the book. The book talks about cultivating habit by practicing continuously for a while and I can see the results already. One interesting thing that I changed in my food habit is to cut down carbs at night by avoiding rice, carbohydrates rich food and replace this with less calorie food. In less than a month I was able to maintain weight gain and I even lost 1.5 pounds
In forthcoming post I’ll write about how this book changed my habits and the productivity increase that I see in business upon adopting the concepts