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OPS horoscope

O Panneerselvam former chief minister of tamilnadu horoscope analysis will help us determine if his kundli will favor him become chief minister of tamilnadu once again facing sasikala natarajan. In earlier post we have analysed horoscope of sasikala and determined that january 26th 2017 saturn transit does not favor sasikala and possibility of sasi becoming chief minister of tamilnadu and offering stable government is very slim.

Looking at OPS horoscope, he was born at theni tamilnadu and his birth star happens to be revathi nakshatra. IF you look at the characteristic traits of revati they are soft, kind, love their family members typically wife and kids to the core. They are for their family. Best quality happens to be quick learner, extremely brilliant and manipulative, person who has lot of gratitude towards someone who has helped them in the past. Revathi the star is ruled by planet mercury. Closest friends of mercury happen to me venus, rahu, saturn. Moon loves mercury but mercury hates moon.

Now coming to his horoscope analysis saturn transit that did take place in january 26th 2017 positioned saturn in 10th house, jupiter though posited in 7th house is in enemy position with saturn now. The best planetary positions in OPS horoscope all in the past were associated with planet rahu. December 6th 2016 on the star of sathabisha aka sathayam the ebst star of planet rahu bestowed power to paneerselvam following which he did a grand administration with support from modi. Modi born in anuradha nakshatra is closely associated with revathi and a natural enemy of uttrasadha the planet ruled by sun. This made modi closer to OPS and enemy with sasikala. OPS will always have support from shri modi. However, his current positioning of saturn and jupiter is posing lots of torture in his political career. By april 4th 2017 saturn will stat retrograding. Henceforth from april 4th 2017 until July 2017 OPS will be the chief minister of tamilnadu. If you look at overall possibilities m.k.stalin has best chances of becoming the next chief minister of tamilnadu and will offer stable governance in enxt 5 years. During his tenue tamilandu will see drastic growth this tenure. IT is to be noted that stalin born in pooram star ruled by venus, ops born in revati star ruled by mercury. Mercury and venus are evergreen best friends and this will reflect in their political as well as personal relationships as well