Kalanirdesat Putra Yoga,Kalanirdesat Putra Yogam

Kalanirdesat Putra Yogam as the name suggests is a yogam formed with jupiter the planet of progeny typically boy baby, venus, lord of 5th house and ascendant. This yoga occurs in a person’s horoscope if Jupiter is in the 5th house the house of progeny children name fame called as mahalakshmi sthanam, lord of the 5th house joins the Venus; Venus is in 9th house from the Jupiter, in conjunction with the lord of the ascendant the lagnam. A person with Kalanirdesat Putra Yogam will have the following effects :
He is blessed with a son as jupiter is often associated with boy baby
Birth of child usually occurs during 32nd, 33rd, 40th year. He will become rich after his son is born as this has got to do with most auspicious money bestowing planets like jupiter, venus, lord of 5th house, lord of ascendant

Bigboss Snehan horoscope success analysis predictions

Snehan popularly known as kavingar snehan was born on 23rd June 1978 at Pudhukariyapatti, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India. Snehan has acted in popular tamil movie uyarthiru 420 one of my favorite movies with totally different screenplay. All his songs do have ton lot of content and are very entertaining as well. Snehan originally born as selvam in a family of five has moved out of his birth place before 17 years and has become extremely popular owing to his charisma, way he presented himself in tamil big boss season 1 game

Snehan birth star happens to be shravanam the most popular thiruvonam birth star of our super star rajinikanth. The time of birth is unknown. Lets do soem analysis based on jupiter transits, planetary position of saturn, rahu, kethu

As of July 27th 2017 planet rahu kethu did transit from leo-kumbha onto makara-cancer positions. Rahu is the lord of second house that being posited in 7th house would have created lots of jealousy among his neighbors, family and friends startign last july onwards. It was clearly evident from performance of snehan as he was progressing overcoming all the issues with his intelligence

On September 2nd 2017 jupiter did transit from 9th house onto 10th house. 10th house determines occupation and jupiter in 10th house happens to be one of the most unfavorable positions. Henceforth, jupiter transit has started showing some real pressures in his big boss house relationship starting september 2nd 2017 , has gone worst with car game on september 12th 2017. As per another panchangam the jupiter transit is on september 12th 2017

Now, saturn the most favorable planet is in 11th house the house of luck, fortuen until december 19th 2017. Considering this and rahu position chances of snehan winnign the title and becomign big boss winner is very favorable. He is currently under influence of jupiter dasa and planet jupiter is not in good position. Henceforth, at last minute he might lose the game. Overall chances of winning the game for snehan is 50% only

Soundarya rajinikanth divorce Astrological reason

Soundarya rajinikanth married ashwin ramkumar the affluent businessman belonging to traditional iyer community. Ashwin the handsome heir of KSV constructions is well educated well settled. We have already given horoscope analysis of ashwin ramkumar. Born in rohini nakshatra the brth star of lord krishna he is 100% business person. This is one of the prime reasons behind him going behind soundarya rajinikanth. He is luxury lover, he is always for himself, very cunning in nature.

To keep it simple he has all qualities of planet moon. He is for himself and does not bother about anybody. With his clarity of thought and calculation , his beauty and charm adding to that made soundarya fall for ashwin ramkumar

This doesn’t stop here. Soundarya rajinikanth is born in pisces ascendant ruled by planet jupiter. Jupiter the planet of affluence has big downside of arrogance, attitude, confidence, appreciate hardwork.

Ashwin ruled by moon is lazy in nature and is much focussed on enjoyments, living the life to its fullest rather than focusing much on career and making money. If you look at it from other side what he does is 100% perfect. He married soundarya for sake of money, thought he can have luxury and enjoyment out of 300 crores that soundarya is to inherit from rajinikanth, has luxury of being son-in-law of rajinikanth the most popular personality in India. However, soundarya is full of jealous. She some how wanted to surpass danush in terms of income, name and fame

All this made soundarya go behind money losing track of family. Ashwin the man of leisure and luxury got irritated by her attitude and this eventually did lead to argument, that ended up in divorce now

Effects Of Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yoga,Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yogam

Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yogam occurs in a person’s horoscope if the 2nd lord possessing kala bala joins the lord of the lagna and 11th house in a quadrant/kendra/kendram(1,4,7,10) or trikonam/moolatrikonam (1,5,9) and aspected by benefics.

A person with Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yogam in his horoscope will have the following effects :

1) He will acquire money by his hardwork and effort

2) His effort will fetch him money during the middle part of his life

Guru dasa for rishaba lagna

Taurus ascendant is ruled by planet venus. In general mercury dasa serves as the best period in life of a person born in taurus ascendant as mercury happens to be lord of 2nd and 5th houses the two most auspicious houses that determines monetary flow, fame of a person respectively. Saturn is also found to bring best results as saturn is the lord of 9th house the house of luck and great fortune. Mercury in 5th house, 9th house, 10th house particularly when placed in moon stars like hastha, shravana will bring about best results. It is to be noted that though moon is lord of third house the best position of mercury typically happens in this as moon always favors mercury but not viceversa. Mercury in sathabisha star in kumbha rasi will make a person millionaire out of business this being star of rahu the planet of greed and money and this is a lucky star of rahu. They make ton lot of money in travel business

Jupiter is a malefic lord of 8th and 11th house for vrishabha the taurus lagna. When such a planet is placed in 3rd houe in exalted position, in 6th house, 8th house ,12th house this dasa works best for these ascendants

Mathru moola dhana yoga

Have you ever wondered if your parents would have helped you a lot in achieving your goals and dreams. Though we have affinity, affection towards our parents it is interesting to know that horoscope of a person talks more on if mother can be luck bestowing factor in ones life

Lets see what Matrumooladdhana does translates to?

In astrological terms matru meansmother, pithru means father

Moola dhanam means seed money

As such Matrumooladdhana literally translates to mother seed money.

This can’t be taken the way it is. Lets look at what this internally means – A person with a particular astrological combination can get best monetary benefits from his mother.

When does Matrumooladdhana Yogam occur in a person’s horoscope?

Matrumooladdhana Yogam occurs under the following combination pattern in ones horoscope

1) Lord of the 2nd house joins the 4th house lord

2) Lord of the second house is aspected by the lord of the fourth house

Waht benefits does a person enjoy with this combination?

A person with matrumooladdhana Yogam will have the following benefits:

1) He earns plenty of money with the help of his mother

2) He will have lots of care, affection, attention from his mother

Lets analyse the way it works from astrological perspective

Second house is called dhana sthanam, vakku sthanam, kudumbha sthanam – All this maps to ones family life, communication skill, spouse, life as such, monetary aspects etc

Lord of 4th house determines mother’s character, life of mother after kid is born, affinity the mother will have towards her kid etc

Now the combination or aspect is evident that mother will help kid have lots of money in inheritance. This can be help from mother, lots of money from mother depending on the aspect, combination, enemy or friendship relationship of planets in ones horoscope. See if you can make lot of money with the help of your mother today

Rajinikanth horoscope politics

The much talked about super star rajinikanth political entry in tamilnadu politics, his plans to contest in CM and local body elections has been gaining great momentum ever since he met his fans last week. I’ve done simple analysis of his birth chart, current planetary positions to determine if he can enter politics, the way results are going to turn out if he enters politics. Lets enjoy the prediction

Nishkala yogam a jackpot ticket for political success Nishkala yoga also called puthayal yoga meaning fortune yogaformed by lord of fourth house 10th house They should be mutually aspect each other, should be combined and posited in same house, exchange houses. If a combination like this is found in ones horoscope this is nishkala yogam or jackpot bestowing combination. Once a person has this combination he can shine in politics

Rajnkanth born in leo lagna hence lord of fourth house in mars, 10th house is venus. In his horoscope mars is exalted in makara rasi, venus is posited in 5th house. They are not combined, they dont aspect each other, they dont exchange houses. Hence, rajinikanth can’t enter politics based on this major combination needed for political success. If he enters politics now in mercury dasa this will be a big hit in his finances

Sivaraja yogam favors political entry – In a horoscope if sun and jupiter are in combination, aspecting each other, exchange houses this yoga is formed giving opportunity for the individual to become political leader. In rajinikanth’s horoscope jupiter is in kumbha the 7th house major reason behind his riches. Sun is in fourth house scorpio virschika. They dont aspect each other, not in combination, dont exchange houses. Again this is against rajinikanth entering politics

Guru mangal yoga the jupiter mars combination for political entry and success – As the name suggests jupiter and mars should be combined, exchange houses, aspect each other. Mars in 6th house makara, jupiter in 7th house kumbha has none of the above mentioned combination again making it unfavorable for rajinikanth to enter politics

Chatussagara Yoga, Chatussagara Yogam, Kendra Yogam

Chatussagara yogam is formed when all the kendras are fully occupied. When 1,4,7,10 (kendram/kendra) positions are all occupied by planets chatussagara yogam happens.

A person with chatussagara yogam in his horoscope will have the following effects and benefits :

1) The person will earn good reputation

2) He will lead a life equivalent to a ruler

3) He will lead a long prosperous life

4) He will be blessed with good children

5) He will have good health

6) He will have great name and fame

If benefics are well positioned he will lead a life equivalent to that of a ruler. This is a powerful raja yogam in the horoscope chart of a person.

OPS horoscope

O Panneerselvam former chief minister of tamilnadu horoscope analysis will help us determine if his kundli will favor him become chief minister of tamilnadu once again facing sasikala natarajan. In earlier post we have analysed horoscope of sasikala and determined that january 26th 2017 saturn transit does not favor sasikala and possibility of sasi becoming chief minister of tamilnadu and offering stable government is very slim.

Looking at OPS horoscope, he was born at theni tamilnadu and his birth star happens to be revathi nakshatra. IF you look at the characteristic traits of revati they are soft, kind, love their family members typically wife and kids to the core. They are for their family. Best quality happens to be quick learner, extremely brilliant and manipulative, person who has lot of gratitude towards someone who has helped them in the past. Revathi the star is ruled by planet mercury. Closest friends of mercury happen to me venus, rahu, saturn. Moon loves mercury but mercury hates moon.

Now coming to his horoscope analysis saturn transit that did take place in january 26th 2017 positioned saturn in 10th house, jupiter though posited in 7th house is in enemy position with saturn now. The best planetary positions in OPS horoscope all in the past were associated with planet rahu. December 6th 2016 on the star of sathabisha aka sathayam the ebst star of planet rahu bestowed power to paneerselvam following which he did a grand administration with support from modi. Modi born in anuradha nakshatra is closely associated with revathi and a natural enemy of uttrasadha the planet ruled by sun. This made modi closer to OPS and enemy with sasikala. OPS will always have support from shri modi. However, his current positioning of saturn and jupiter is posing lots of torture in his political career. By april 4th 2017 saturn will stat retrograding. Henceforth from april 4th 2017 until July 2017 OPS will be the chief minister of tamilnadu. If you look at overall possibilities m.k.stalin has best chances of becoming the next chief minister of tamilnadu and will offer stable governance in enxt 5 years. During his tenue tamilandu will see drastic growth this tenure. IT is to be noted that stalin born in pooram star ruled by venus, ops born in revati star ruled by mercury. Mercury and venus are evergreen best friends and this will reflect in their political as well as personal relationships as well