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529 Alternatives

Have you found pregnancy positive? How does it feel like the moment you get to know that you will be responsible for the entire life of the cute little being in another few months. As a responsible parent the first thing that comes to our mind is 529 plan for your kids education. 529 alternatives does not necessarily rule out the 529 investment opportunity. The goal of this post is to talk about pros and cons of many different investment options that parents have at their disposal if they are hesitant to consider 529 as investment option for kids future education savings option as this is a mutual fund option same as 401K retirement option that comes with market risk exposure. Check out to see what works best in your budget, thoughts on your kids future etc. Lets start with 529 plan and discuss the alternatives one by one
529 Plan Details – This is a traditional plan that came into existence around late 1980s. As per IRS a 529 plan is a plan that can be set aside for beneficiary. It can be child, grand child. The amount that goes as a contribution towards 529 plan can be used for qualified educational expenses. This amount can be used for college and post-secondary education expense.
Who does operate the 529 plan?
529 plan is operated by state, educational institution
Are 529 plans tax deductible?
Nope. 529 plans are offered on post-tax basis. Main tax advantage come into existence when the distribution earnings are used for qualified educational expenses that can be one of the following:
Board Rooms
Starting 2010 following items are eligible educational related expenses under 529 plan:
PC Computer
Computer related peripheral equipment – This includes keyboard, mouse
Computer software
Peripheral equipment like printer
Internet access
These earnings are 100% federal tax free as well as 100% state tax free
Some exceptions to this include states like NYC offering upto $10000 state tax deduction if married and filing jointly , $5000 as single. Check with your state to see if you qualify for state tax deduction. With changing rules the maximum deduction on state can be $10000 and see if availing this option can be beneficial. For NYC criteria is that account holder should be NYC state tax payer. If you work at NYC and lie in states like CT, NJ you still qualify for this
Is there a maximum contribution limit on 529 plan?
If the contribution and any other gifts to a particular beneficiary exceed $14000 there comes gift tax consequence. However, there is no limitation on number of 529 plans one can setup
Why should I think about 529 plan alternative?
In a real-time scenario say your kid becomes entrepreneur and does not end up going to college. In this scenario you end up paying 10% penalty, state tax, federal taxes. Henceforth, it would be appropriate to look at alternatives before zeroing down on 529 plan
529 plan alternatives:
Custodial Account – Also called the uniform gifts to minor act UGMA account/UTMA account this account offers minors to own securities without the need of trust to be governed by an attorney. The major difference between UTMA account and 529 is that there is no stipulation on how the amount in this account is to be spent as opposed to 529
Rental Apartments – This is an out of the box thinking. I’ve come across lots of blogposts and financial advisors talking about cash on cash return of more than 22% with real estate investments. As a matter of fact, I stumbled on a financial advice recently. according to him the wealthy community think about 18% to 22% return on an average in their investments every year. According to them warren buffet does consistent 20% return each and every year on his billion dollar net worth. If you choose to invest in rental units now, except for the down payment the rest is taken care of by your tenants
Pros of owning rental in my view:
Your child will have financial freedom from day 1 of his life, career and will not have to think about his abode investment to start with
Your child will inherit all your property without any issues
You will enjoy tax depreciation on rental, can deduct all expenses in taxes that you can count on during the big rainy days
Cons of owning rental in my own view:
If the apartment is empty you will end up paying money from your pocket
The association fee in case of condo, townhouse which is preferred rental investment in most cases does come with fees. Also, property taxes should be taken into consideration. If you do quick math all these would add up to meet 1% rule. Henceforth, it would be extremely difficult to save more than $100 per month after all the rental expenses in expensive towns. It depends on how you finalize your deal, interest rate etc
Non-payment of rent will be additional stress and you will end up in eviction process which is a legal procedure involving attorney fees etc. This is another worst case scenario every landlord should keep in mind
You expect property and rentals to appreciate in your locality. This depends on luck, how well economy performs etc
I spoke to a realtor about rental investment. Based on his information I happened to learn that in case of rental we are expected to make more down payment. It is about 30% to 40% of property value as opposed to 20%. Also, your mortgage rates are going to be atleast 1% more than normal rates. So, take to mortgage broker, shop around before you calculate rental deal and net profits
Saving Bonds from government
I’ve recently come across an information that talks about Series EE savings bond whose interest earned is tax exempt both federal and state tax exempt if being used for higher education. I did some research on this and found that these bonds are reliable, low-risk, government backed financial products whose interest rates happen to be fixed interest rate for about 30 years. Interest rate of new EE bonds is announced by US treasury every May 1st, november 1st. As of November 1st 2016 the interest rates on bond happens to be 0.10% which is taxable if not used for education purpose. Instead we can choose to invest in online banks like allybank, barclays, everbank that yield 1% APY per year, that happens to be more than this. Series I bond again yield less than the banks. So, I’d not recommend any of these bonds at current interest rate. You can choose based on your needs and preference. I’m not endorsing any of these banks and express my views that are 100% personal
Roth IRA For Educational expenses:
Typically Roth IRA contributions are after tax and the earnings are tax-free when withdrawn after 591/2 years of age. However, for qualified educational expenses they can be withdrawn tax free. One limitation is that you should have contributed over past five years to make use of this for educational expenses. IF you dont use it for education, this can be used for your retirement

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Shanmuga pandian vijayakanth horoscope analysis

Shanmuga pandiyan vijayakanth the youngest son of former actor, leader of DMDK political party Shri vijayakanth born in Purva Phalguni nakshatra the most luckiest most luxurious star ruled by planets of luxury comfort great life Venus that falls in simha rasi the fifth sign in zodiac.

Shanmuga pandian had his debut in movie sagaptham that casts nandu jegan the famous comedian, power star and many more starcast including captain vijayakanth in guest role. As per trade analysts this movie did not do well in box office.

Based on latest interview from vijayakanth the upcoming movie of shanmuga pandian is madura veeran, the title appears same as MGR movie madurai veeran with little difference MaduraVeeran.
Madurai Veeran the cast that included prominent actors including samuthirakani that did good at box office compared to his first flick. Pandian’s looks added spice to this movie turning out to be a success

This astro analysis is based on the fact that shanmuga pandian was born on January 1st 1986 at chennai tamilnadu India. Lets see what has future in hold for shanmuga pandian based on his horoscope analysis

Shanmuga pandian horoscope has planets in following disposition

Jupiter in makara rasi aquarius – The point of jupiter debiliation

Rahu in aries mesha rasi – Though not a strong friend this is an okie place to be for Rahu

Moon in purva phalguni leo rasi – Moon posited in Venus nakshatra makes it powerful

Sun in sagittarius dhanus rasi the most auspicious and favoring position which is evident because his father is a millionaire and he has been enjoying all the best benefits from his father’s fortune

Venus in sagittarius – Though not great this is considered okie

Mercury in scorpio – Mercury in enemy house. Mercury is the ruler of acting and this being in scorpio is not considered auspicious

Saturn in Scorpio – Again enemy house of planet saturn

Mars in thula rasi aka libra

Kethu in libra the thulam rasi alongside mercury in scorpio

Now, lets see the stars aka nakshatras in which each and every planet is posited

Sun in purvabhatra aka pooratathi star

Moon in purvaphalguni aka pooram the birthstar of MGR

Mercury in Kettai the own star of mercury

Venus in purvabhatra aka pooratathi star

Mars in Swathi the star of rahu

Jupiter in Avittam teh golden gate star ruled by mars. This is the combination that has given him the name shanmuga pandian

Saturn in anusham its own star

Rahu in bharani the star ruled by venus

Kethu in Swati the star of rahu

Overall, the best planets in his horoscope happen to be Rahu and jupiter. As far as acting career is concerned, planet rahu is related to expressions, jupiter is related to body language. Based on this combination shanmuga pandian has great possibility of becomign an actor

Based on dasa prediction shanmuga pandian is currently under the planetary influence of moon. The major planet saturn that favors moon is not in favoring house. Also, mars, mercury needed for success and sustainability in movie industry is not in favorign position in shanmuga pandians horoscope

As far as acting career goes shanmuga pandian can attempt to be an actor and will have moderate success. The best profession as far as his horoscope goes would be business related to movies. He can be successful as producer

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Mudra for acidity

In this article we will look at various points in the hands that have nerve endings that connect to the different parts of the body.This is a very important topic in the sense that a person who believes that mudra will cure his ailments should know what mudra will cure his ailments by looking at the mudra posture in the subsequent topic and also the nerve endings that is depicted in the diagrams below.

What is a Mudra?

Mudra is a sanskrit word meaning sign or seal.It is gesture usually with hands that locks and guides energy flows and reflexes to the brain.

Five Fingers for Five Elements are as follows

1. Thumb :Fire

2. Index :Air

3. Middle :Aakash

4. Ring :Earth

5. Little :Water

What are the benefits of Using Mudra?

Cures various ailments like Menstrual Cycle, Blood Pressure, eye, ear problems, nervous problems, cholesterol, body weight etc.

Any ailment in the body can be cured using the mudra.

Makes mind calm and concentrated, removes laziness in the body, makes body feel rejuvenated and to put in simple terms makes one think that “They should enjoy every minute of life with family, friends and this beautiful earth.

Who should practise Mudra?

Mudras is universal and suitable to everyone.

No previous experience is needed to practise mudras.

Mudras can be practised anytime of day (Day, Night, Evening… anytime you wish).

You can practise mudra while standing, sleeping, sitting unless otherwise specified.

Important things to note in Mudras?

Pay attention to breathing while doing mudra exercises.

Concentrate while doing mudras to realize immense potential that you have

Apan Vayu Mudra :

Apanvayu mudra also popularly called as miruthyasanjeevimudra is a powerful mudra that needs to be practised only 15 minutes everyday. If you carefully look at its name mrithusanjeevi it claims longevity as mrithunjay and snajeevi are both associated with longevity of live, hale and healthy life in Indian custom and culture. It is found to cure the following ailments in minutes

Natural medicine is gaining real great popularity. Ancient Indian medicine that does make use of yoga, pranayam,meditation are gaining popularity among world community. Another interesting natural remedy that acts both on pro-active and reactive bases is the mudra.

Mudras are postures that are created with fingers that regulate the element balance in body and bring remedy to most of our problems. As such ancient riutals like poojas, homam performed by priests involve chanting of mantra along with mudra practice. If we explore some basic mudras and their remedy in detail the results are astonishing

1) Chronic heart attack, heart pain, artery blocks and ailments related to heart can be cured

2) Can be used as a first aid remedy during heart attack

3) Severe acid reflux, digestion problems gets cured in 10minutes of this mudra practice. Acid reflux causes indigestion.Acid reflux might cause headache as a side effect. Drink 1 litre of water. Practice this mudra. In 10 minutes excess of food is pushed out in form of vomiting. This has a great cure for acid reflux. Antacids do have similar effect but this is a natural remedy

How do I perform apanvayu mudra or miruthyasanjeevi mudra?

1) Bend the index finger so that its tip touches the base of thumb

2) Tips of middlefinger and ring finger should touch tip of thumb

3) Practice this mudra with your spinal cord in straight position

4) After 15 minutes slowly release fingers and stretch your palms

5) This mudra can be practiced 15 minutes every day

6) It can be practiced during morning and evening

These pressure points are mostly associated with heart and its associated nerves that makes blood flow smooth, regulates blood flow, makes it work properly. Hence, practice this mudra with caution if you have associated illness like blood pressure, have had heart attack, cardiac surgeries in the past

Apan vayu mudra benefits :

Vayu as the name suggests means wind. Apan vayu also referred using term apana vayu is a wind (or) air that moves away from us. Air happens to be one of the essentially important elements influencing human body as one of the five elements. As such a mudra that is based on air named apan vayu mudra has power to influence digestion, reproductive system, excretory system in human being. The breathing is a process that starts from nose and ends inside stomach. As such organs closer to stomach including digestive system related intestines, pelvic area related to reproduction and child birth, lower abdomen influencing reproductive and excretory system are all impacted by practising apan vayu mudra.

Mudras influence many different chakras in human body. As the name suggests this apan vayu mudra from air impacts abdomen and surrounding chakras mainly muladhara chakra the chakra located at core of the pelvis. The element related to this mudra happens to be earth. Owing to its fantastic benefits on human health this is also called as miruthyasanjeevi mudra. Miruthyasanjeevi mudra literally translates to person with no death. We can take it in meaning that this mudra when practiced will bestow long life similar to sanjeevi (person who has been to live for ever no death namely hanuman lord anjaneyar, ayyappan and some mythological figures)

How do I practice apan vayu mudra?

Follow the steps given below to perform apan vayu mudra properly:

1) Bend the index finger towards the thumb so that its tip touches the base of thumb

2) Ring finger is associated with element fire. Tips of middle finger and ring finger should touch tip of thumb

3) Practice this mudra with your spinal cord in upright position for proper pranayamic movement throughout the body. Practice this for 15 minutes

4) After 15 minutes slowly release fingers and stretch your palms. This is a calm relaxation position after mudra practice

These pressure points are mostly associated with heart and its associated nerves that makes blood flow smooth, regulates blood flow, makes it work properly. Hence, practice this mudra with caution if you have associated illness like blood pressure, have had heart attack, cardiac surgeries in the past

How long should I practice this mudra?

This powerful mudra needs to be practiced 15 minutes each and every day

Which time of the day is appropriate for practicing this mudra?

It can be practiced during morning and evening each and every day for best results

What are the benefits of practicing this mudra?

Though digestion, excretory and reproductive issues are cured by practicing this mudra following are major health benefits of practicing this mudra:

1) Chronic heart attack, heart pain, artery blocks and ailments related to heart can be cured. The index finger is associated with planet jupiter that rules heart in human body. Hence all the ailments are taken care of. Heart is often associated with digestive system as well. It is interesting to note that this mudra can be used as a first aid remedy during heart attack

3) Severe acid reflux, digestion problems gets cured in 10 minutes of this mudra practice. Acid reflux causes indigestion that causes headache , vomitting as a side effect. As a simple cure for acid reflux drink 1 litre of water and practice this mudra. In 10 minutes excess of food is pushed out in form of vomiting. This has a great cure for acid reflux. Antacids do have similar effect but this is a natural remedy and can be practiced regularly for best results

Varun mudra for maths skill

Maths – Subject of life is a never ending phenomenon. We use maths everywhere in our day to day lives. It is a good idea to write down maths tables if you feel like refreshing your mind. Apart from this there is a special meditation/yoga/mudra technique that rejuvenates you and helps in improving your math skill..

This mudra is called as Varun Mudra. Varun as we know means rain – form of water. Five different fingers in our hand represent different elements. Little finger represents water. Varun Mudra – Press the thumb against little finger. Do it for 5 minutes every day.

You can feel a lot of difference in your maths skills. Kids of age below 7 years when given practice become genius (math geeks indeed)…… Note : Don’t press against little finger tip.

When putting mudras be careful not to press the thumb against any finger tip as this will lead to dehydration. Some other ways to improve maths skill is playing puzzles, sudoku, maths games frequently

Gyan Mudra Mudra Of Knowledge

Practicing mudras requires patience as it will take time to see the results. For some people they will be able to see the remedies immediately and for some it might take time to see the results of the mudras. The effects of the mudras depends on the composition of the body, the ailment you are trying the cure, how much effort (time) you put in the mudras and how sincere you are practicing the mudras.

My advice based on my personal experience is that mudras works for every human being and it a simplest way to keep ourselves healthy.How to do the mudra:

Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with the other three fingers stretched out.

Mudra Explained: The thumb has nerve endings connected to pituitary, pineal and endocrine glands and the index finger has nerves that are related to colds and the tip of the thumb and the index finger is related to sinuses. So when we do these mudras there is a relief of cold and sinuses and oxygen to the brain increases which in turn increases the concentration and memory power.

Best time to practice the mudra: Anytime

Duration of practice: No time duration

Posture: Sitting, standing, lying in the bed (preferably sitting)

Effects: Balances five elements (wind, air, water, fire, earth, ether), energizes neuron, blood supply and circulation in the brain energizes neurons for instant action

Physical parts of the body that benefit from this mudra: Brain, pituitary and endocrine glands

Health Benefits/Ailments Cured in doing this mudra:

Increases memory power and sharpens the brain

Enhances concentration and prevents Insomnia (No need of Sleeping pills anymore!)

If we practice it regularly, it will cure all psychological disorders like Mental, Hysteria, Anger and Depression

Cures intoxication and additive habits

Causes electrical changes in the electromagnetic activity of the brain leading to increased clarity and understanding

Cure for all diseases arising out of weakness of the nervous system

Home Remedies to treat Insomnia:

Curd is also useful in insomnia. The patient should take plenty of curd and massage it on the head. This will induce sleep

Milk is very valuable in insomnia. A glass of milk, sweetened with honey, should be taken every night before going to bed in treating this condition. It acts as a tonic and a tranquilliser. Massaging the milk over the soles of the feet has also been found effective

2 tsp of fenugreek leaves juice with 1 tsp of honey at bed times daily

Mix 2 tsp of honey to 1 glass of warm water. Drink just before sleeping. Give half the amount to babies it will help put them to sleep.

Surya mudra – overcome menstural problems in women

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Palm jaggery in usa

When it comes to sugar alternate in southern part of india a food item with richest source of iron is the karupatti the palm jaggery. This is also sold as coconut sugar in online portals like

I found palm jaggery in patel brothers grocery shop and could see that 1lb is sold around $2.50

When it comes to health benefits I have seen people drinking karupatti coffee wherein palm sugar is added as sweetener for coffee instead of sugar. This is being used as perfect sugar supplement owing to its rich iron that gives it black colour and also the sweet taste makes it a perfect blend to be added instead of sugar in many sweets as well

In southern parts of india particularly tirunelveli tuticorin this is used for halwa sweet preparation and this sweet is given name tirunelveli karupatti halwa

Also, palkova a special sweet from srivilliputtur, rajapalayam area is amde with karupatti giving it name karupatti pallkova

Palm sugar the karuppati is a jaggery made from palm trees extract. This is a plant product and is 100% natural. Typical making does not involve addition of chemicals depending on make

Jaggery is an unrefined form of sugar giving it black colour. This form of sugar retains minerals as during manufacturing process this sugar utilizes chemicals such as sulphur dioxide, lime and other bleaching agents

It is a good source of Vitamin B complex. In addition to this presence of ascorbic acid the general terminology vitamin C helps with immunity boosting

This sugar is made in block form, can be bought from indian stores mostly in block form

As opposed to regular sugar that increases body temperature this sugar keeps body cool. Owing to lots of minerals, vitamins present in this product traditionally this has been used as medicine to treat problems such as dry cough, common cold and asthma

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Sasa Yoga Saturn Yogam

Saturn the planet is always known for its wicked nature. Saturn though a malefic planet gives rise to this powerful sasa yogam. We know that 1,4,7,10 houses represent kendra/kendram and in general case when a planet is placed in kendram it is called kendratipatya dosha which is not a great place to be in. When saturn occupies a kendram and it happens to be his own houses (Makaram(capricorn), Kumbham(aquarius)), exaltation sign (libra) sasa yogam is formed. If saturn is posited in swati the exaltation star ruled by planet rahu for ascendant like libra though this is 1st house the lagna this forms sasa yoga and makes it a benefic in this case

A person with sasa yogam in his horoscope will have the following effects :

1) He will have good servants. Saturn is a planet related to servants and proper positioning yields great results

2) He will be the head of his place (village/town) as saturn to some extent is associated with administrative power owing to its hardworking nature in addition to planet jupiter

3) He has a character similar to that of saturn (questionable character)

4) He will acquire others wealth by his wicked nature as saturn is often associated with crooked ways to make money in many cases as is the case with rahu

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Actor Santhanam Career Saturn transit Astrological Predictions

Actor santhanam born in purvabadhra star, kumbha rasi has had best 2.5 years until november 1st 2014 owing to saturn properly posited in 9th house. Saturn has transited into 10th house and we give a simple astrological analysis on santhanam’s career

1) Santhanam is born in Mesha lagnam, kumbha rasi

2) Saturn is posited in 8th house form ascendant/lagna, 10th house form his rasi/birth star

3) Saturn the lord of 10th and 11th house happens to be in 6th house in his base chart

4) As such career for actor santhanam is not too promising next two years

Santhanam can pray lord hanuman on thursdays.

Starting July 15 upto June 2016 his career will be stable. Otherwise his career will have hiccups next two years

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Obhayachari Yoga Upayachari Yogam

Obhayachari Yoga/Upayachari Yogam happens when planets are present in both the sides of the sun. It should be planets other than moon. A person with this yogam in his horoscope will have the following effects :

1) He will be a great speaker

2) His limbs are well-formed

3) He will be liked by all

4) He will be wealthy and famous

All the benefits are obtained if the planets occupying both the houses are benefics like jupiter, mercury, venus etc

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Bigboss Suja Varuni horoscope success analysis

Suja varunee had an unexpected entry onto tamil big boss house few weeks after oviya had to leave the big boss house out of frustration, her emotional breakup with aarav of maruthuva mutham (medicinal kiss) at big boss show. Suja did enter the house in a costume same as oviya did in teh beginning. It was an indication to housemates that she is the continuation of oviya. Adding to this suja tried to gain popularity by showing her emotions including her personal sorrows about her father leaving her family as soon as she was born, her failures with movie characters etc

Now, coming to her horoscope analysis her date of birth happens to be january 16th 1985 and she was born in andhra pradesh India. The birth star of suja varunee happens to be anuradha aka anusham teh star ruled by planet saturn. Itnerestingly let me open the secret now. There is a very great chance of suja going all the way upto finals owing her position of kethu the planet that rules scorpio aka viruchika rasi that holds anusham star. However, jupiter transit that did happen on september 12th 2017 is very unfavorable for suja varunee. Also, kethu is in makara the house of saturna dn saturn is in viruchika rasi the janma sani giving lots of physial and mental pressure to her. Only saving grace is rahu in 9th house.

As such the saturn transit is to take place on december 19th 2017 and until then things wont be very much favorable for suja. Though she progresses all the way upto finals chances of winning big boss season 1 tamil title is slim for suja varunee

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Kalanirdesat Putra Yoga,Kalanirdesat Putra Yogam

Kalanirdesat Putra Yogam as the name suggests is a yogam formed with jupiter the planet of progeny typically boy baby, venus, lord of 5th house and ascendant. This yoga occurs in a person’s horoscope if Jupiter is in the 5th house the house of progeny children name fame called as mahalakshmi sthanam, lord of the 5th house joins the Venus; Venus is in 9th house from the Jupiter, in conjunction with the lord of the ascendant the lagnam. A person with Kalanirdesat Putra Yogam will have the following effects :
He is blessed with a son as jupiter is often associated with boy baby
Birth of child usually occurs during 32nd, 33rd, 40th year. He will become rich after his son is born as this has got to do with most auspicious money bestowing planets like jupiter, venus, lord of 5th house, lord of ascendant