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Palm jaggery in usa

When it comes to sugar alternate in southern part of india a food item with richest source of iron is the karupatti the palm jaggery. This is also sold as coconut sugar in online portals like

I found palm jaggery in patel brothers grocery shop and could see that 1lb is sold around $2.50

When it comes to health benefits I have seen people drinking karupatti coffee wherein palm sugar is added as sweetener for coffee instead of sugar. This is being used as perfect sugar supplement owing to its rich iron that gives it black colour and also the sweet taste makes it a perfect blend to be added instead of sugar in many sweets as well

In southern parts of india particularly tirunelveli tuticorin this is used for halwa sweet preparation and this sweet is given name tirunelveli karupatti halwa

Also, palkova a special sweet from srivilliputtur, rajapalayam area is amde with karupatti giving it name karupatti pallkova

Palm sugar the karuppati is a jaggery made from palm trees extract. This is a plant product and is 100% natural. Typical making does not involve addition of chemicals depending on make

Jaggery is an unrefined form of sugar giving it black colour. This form of sugar retains minerals as during manufacturing process this sugar utilizes chemicals such as sulphur dioxide, lime and other bleaching agents

It is a good source of Vitamin B complex. In addition to this presence of ascorbic acid the general terminology vitamin C helps with immunity boosting

This sugar is made in block form, can be bought from indian stores mostly in block form

As opposed to regular sugar that increases body temperature this sugar keeps body cool. Owing to lots of minerals, vitamins present in this product traditionally this has been used as medicine to treat problems such as dry cough, common cold and asthma