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Planet moon chandran coolest planet

Planet Moon popularly called by name chandran, chandra, chand and lots more has more to do with the life of one’s mother as moon is often associated with moon in one’s horoscope, mind of a person as moon is closest to earth and has reater impact on state of mind of a person, wealth of an individual as moon is often associated with business, luxury,enjoyment,happiness, shrewdness alertness of a person, character of a person in terms of love affection emotion and what not all best things. Moon/chandran is popularly called as mathrukaragan meaning a planet whose association starts from mother’s umblical cord
Gods relevant to moon worship are devi parasakthi the wife of lord paramashiva and it is interesting to note that a person with moon properly supported by saturn or moon supported by mars, moon given best benefits by venus will enjoy best luxurious life during the moon dasa bukthi antharam period.
Lord Sri venkateswara(tirupathi lord) balaji also often termed as lord of wealth is considered to rule moon as per some texts, vigneshwara/lord ganapathi. Moon determines the kind of clothing a person will be interested in like silk, cotton (luxury or simple dressing style).Parts of the body ruled by the planet moon are left eye, eyebrows, mind of a person.If moon is ill-placed in a persons horoscope, the person will be a poor decision maker, full of wavering mind, will have little to no confidence and lots of bad effects. For leo lagna is moon is posited in 6th house or 12th house this bestows best benefits