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Rajinikanth horoscope politics

The much talked about super star rajinikanth political entry in tamilnadu politics, his plans to contest in CM and local body elections has been gaining great momentum ever since he met his fans last week. I’ve done simple analysis of his birth chart, current planetary positions to determine if he can enter politics, the way results are going to turn out if he enters politics. Lets enjoy the prediction

Nishkala yogam a jackpot ticket for political success Nishkala yoga also called puthayal yoga meaning fortune yogaformed by lord of fourth house 10th house They should be mutually aspect each other, should be combined and posited in same house, exchange houses. If a combination like this is found in ones horoscope this is nishkala yogam or jackpot bestowing combination. Once a person has this combination he can shine in politics

Rajnkanth born in leo lagna hence lord of fourth house in mars, 10th house is venus. In his horoscope mars is exalted in makara rasi, venus is posited in 5th house. They are not combined, they dont aspect each other, they dont exchange houses. Hence, rajinikanth can’t enter politics based on this major combination needed for political success. If he enters politics now in mercury dasa this will be a big hit in his finances

Sivaraja yogam favors political entry – In a horoscope if sun and jupiter are in combination, aspecting each other, exchange houses this yoga is formed giving opportunity for the individual to become political leader. In rajinikanth’s horoscope jupiter is in kumbha the 7th house major reason behind his riches. Sun is in fourth house scorpio virschika. They dont aspect each other, not in combination, dont exchange houses. Again this is against rajinikanth entering politics

Guru mangal yoga the jupiter mars combination for political entry and success – As the name suggests jupiter and mars should be combined, exchange houses, aspect each other. Mars in 6th house makara, jupiter in 7th house kumbha has none of the above mentioned combination again making it unfavorable for rajinikanth to enter politics