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Sasa Yoga Saturn Yogam

Saturn the planet is always known for its wicked nature. Saturn though a malefic planet gives rise to this powerful sasa yogam. We know that 1,4,7,10 houses represent kendra/kendram and in general case when a planet is placed in kendram it is called kendratipatya dosha which is not a great place to be in. When saturn occupies a kendram and it happens to be his own houses (Makaram(capricorn), Kumbham(aquarius)), exaltation sign (libra) sasa yogam is formed. If saturn is posited in swati the exaltation star ruled by planet rahu for ascendant like libra though this is 1st house the lagna this forms sasa yoga and makes it a benefic in this case

A person with sasa yogam in his horoscope will have the following effects :

1) He will have good servants. Saturn is a planet related to servants and proper positioning yields great results

2) He will be the head of his place (village/town) as saturn to some extent is associated with administrative power owing to its hardworking nature in addition to planet jupiter

3) He has a character similar to that of saturn (questionable character)

4) He will acquire others wealth by his wicked nature as saturn is often associated with crooked ways to make money in many cases as is the case with rahu