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Shanmuga pandian vijayakanth horoscope analysis

Shanmuga pandiyan vijayakanth the youngest son of former actor, leader of DMDK political party Shri vijayakanth born in Purva Phalguni nakshatra the most luckiest most luxurious star ruled by planets of luxury comfort great life Venus that falls in simha rasi the fifth sign in zodiac.

Shanmuga pandian had his debut in movie sagaptham that casts nandu jegan the famous comedian, power star and many more starcast including captain vijayakanth in guest role. As per trade analysts this movie did not do well in box office.

Based on latest interview from vijayakanth the upcoming movie of shanmuga pandian is madura veeran, the title appears same as MGR movie madurai veeran with little difference MaduraVeeran.
Madurai Veeran the cast that included prominent actors including samuthirakani that did good at box office compared to his first flick. Pandian’s looks added spice to this movie turning out to be a success

This astro analysis is based on the fact that shanmuga pandian was born on January 1st 1986 at chennai tamilnadu India. Lets see what has future in hold for shanmuga pandian based on his horoscope analysis

Shanmuga pandian horoscope has planets in following disposition

Jupiter in makara rasi aquarius – The point of jupiter debiliation

Rahu in aries mesha rasi – Though not a strong friend this is an okie place to be for Rahu

Moon in purva phalguni leo rasi – Moon posited in Venus nakshatra makes it powerful

Sun in sagittarius dhanus rasi the most auspicious and favoring position which is evident because his father is a millionaire and he has been enjoying all the best benefits from his father’s fortune

Venus in sagittarius – Though not great this is considered okie

Mercury in scorpio – Mercury in enemy house. Mercury is the ruler of acting and this being in scorpio is not considered auspicious

Saturn in Scorpio – Again enemy house of planet saturn

Mars in thula rasi aka libra

Kethu in libra the thulam rasi alongside mercury in scorpio

Now, lets see the stars aka nakshatras in which each and every planet is posited

Sun in purvabhatra aka pooratathi star

Moon in purvaphalguni aka pooram the birthstar of MGR

Mercury in Kettai the own star of mercury

Venus in purvabhatra aka pooratathi star

Mars in Swathi the star of rahu

Jupiter in Avittam teh golden gate star ruled by mars. This is the combination that has given him the name shanmuga pandian

Saturn in anusham its own star

Rahu in bharani the star ruled by venus

Kethu in Swati the star of rahu

Overall, the best planets in his horoscope happen to be Rahu and jupiter. As far as acting career is concerned, planet rahu is related to expressions, jupiter is related to body language. Based on this combination shanmuga pandian has great possibility of becomign an actor

Based on dasa prediction shanmuga pandian is currently under the planetary influence of moon. The major planet saturn that favors moon is not in favoring house. Also, mars, mercury needed for success and sustainability in movie industry is not in favorign position in shanmuga pandians horoscope

As far as acting career goes shanmuga pandian can attempt to be an actor and will have moderate success. The best profession as far as his horoscope goes would be business related to movies. He can be successful as producer