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Soundarya rajinikanth divorce Astrological reason

Soundarya rajinikanth married ashwin ramkumar the affluent businessman belonging to traditional iyer community. Ashwin the handsome heir of KSV constructions is well educated well settled. We have already given horoscope analysis of ashwin ramkumar. Born in rohini nakshatra the brth star of lord krishna he is 100% business person. This is one of the prime reasons behind him going behind soundarya rajinikanth. He is luxury lover, he is always for himself, very cunning in nature.

To keep it simple he has all qualities of planet moon. He is for himself and does not bother about anybody. With his clarity of thought and calculation , his beauty and charm adding to that made soundarya fall for ashwin ramkumar

This doesn’t stop here. Soundarya rajinikanth is born in pisces ascendant ruled by planet jupiter. Jupiter the planet of affluence has big downside of arrogance, attitude, confidence, appreciate hardwork.

Ashwin ruled by moon is lazy in nature and is much focussed on enjoyments, living the life to its fullest rather than focusing much on career and making money. If you look at it from other side what he does is 100% perfect. He married soundarya for sake of money, thought he can have luxury and enjoyment out of 300 crores that soundarya is to inherit from rajinikanth, has luxury of being son-in-law of rajinikanth the most popular personality in India. However, soundarya is full of jealous. She some how wanted to surpass danush in terms of income, name and fame

All this made soundarya go behind money losing track of family. Ashwin the man of leisure and luxury got irritated by her attitude and this eventually did lead to argument, that ended up in divorce now