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TTV dinakaran horoscope

Shri TTV dinakaran has been released on bail. There are some cases pending against him in which he is expected to be arrested. Now, the million dollar question is possibility of TTV dinakaran to be made general secretary of AIADMK,made CM of tamilnadu. Is there a possibility of this happening? Lets see what horoscope has to say about this TTV dinakaran date of birth is not available online. If someone knows about this and willing to share the detail we can provide more insight. Lets analyse the possibility of him becoming CM of tamilnadu from smt sasikala’s horoscope perspective. Sasikala born in uttrasadha nakshatra makara rasi is currently under influence of 3rd round of 7.5 years saturn called elarai nattan. This is third and final round of this saturn. Typically this is called kanda sani meaning the last stages in ones life causing issues equivalent to death or similar problems. We have already predicted that sasikala will not become CM which turned out to be true. Also edapadi is under same star and will lose his power soon. With the december 19th 2017 saturn transit complete Edapadi palaisamy will lose power soon. Coming to OPS born in revathi star he has saturn in 10th house and will not be able to regain power again after december 19th 2017 saturn transit. As such TTV dinakaran will win RK nagar election Overall M.K.Stalin born in pooram star has saturn in 5th house after december 19th 2017 saturn transit, vijayakanth born in chitra star have great timing next two years particularly after december 19th 2017 but the dasa is not favorable as he is currently under influence of mercury dasa and his ascendant happens to be scorpio ruled by mars natural enemy of mercury. Of these two stalin has the best time and chances of becoming chief minister of tamilnadu soon. Henceforth, there will be dissolution of tamilnadu government by April 2018 timeframe, after the general election by coming on december timeframe M.K.Stalin will be the chief minister of tamilnadu Note: This is purely based on simple astro calculation from us. No political offence and we are not affiliated to any political party or individual parties