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Venus in 3rd house effects and home based remedies for prosperous life

Venus the most auspicious planet when placed in 3rd house the house of wish will have some impact in marriage life of a person

1) His wife will be beautiful

2) She will be of dark complexion

3) His wife will be rich

4) He will obtain material riches upon marrying her

5) They will be blessed with girl babies

Looking at the negative ide of it venus is the ruler of sex. As a result of this though his life s happy, full and contented he will be a womenizer after marriage. There will be continuous problems from women.

Venus popularly called shukra aka shukran the planet of wealth, luxury, enjoyment, beautiful luxury cars while placed in 3rd house in an individual’s horoscope makes him extremely lovable, charming, charismatic among his group. This makes the individual naturally get attracted to women

Extra-marital affair is more than likely in case of such individual’s life if not adultery happens owing to his charismatic nature. On a positive note this is a character loved by all, having best helping nature except for one person his (or) her wife

Such an individual will have lots of girl babies (daughters)

Remedies For Venus in 3rd house :

Be loyal to your wife or husband and don’t get involved in adultery or extramarital affair

Obey your wife. In case you obey your wife she will be a pillar of support for your life same way does the second bull in a bullock cart does hold the balance

Wife is extremely supportive to you and she will save you from wrong friendships, deceit, theft ,harm etc

Extramarital affair will impact your longevity, stay controlled

If the planets like jupiter, sun are placed in 9th or 11th houses the impact will be much greater so be careful

To live long, hale, healthy , wealthy life respect your wife and avoid flirting