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Venus in 4th house Remedies for better life

Venus the planet of luxury, riches, enjoyment, wealth when posited in 4th house of an individuals’s horoscope bestows him all the best wealth, riches and luxury. This comes at the cost of two wives. If not there is a possibility of rift between wife and mother-in-law that leaves the individual in a tension state of mind day in day out. Venus represents girl babies and the individual loses the possibility of having a son if he chooses to close the well in his home with a roof, by extending sunshade above the well, building house or rooms above the well, purchasing an apartment above the water source etc. Businesses associated with planet mercury like communication, media, astrology might prove harmful to him

Such an individual should avoid drinking liquor if not he will have bad effects from planet saturn

If jupiter is placed in 1st house and venus in 4th house there will be frequent quarrel between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

If jupiter is placed in 10th house and venus in 4th house the person should not try to be pious and religious. Else he will face adverse impact in life

Businesses related to planet mars like land, blood, health etc will prove beneficial to him

Remedies to lessen the evil effects of venus in fourth house :

Rename your wife and remarry her formally for second time to avoid adultery issues

Keep roof of your house clean and avoid extending roof over the well to have sons. This will bestow best health to your wife as well

Throw milk, silver, rice in river or flowing water

Throw chickpeas, gram, dhal, kesar in flowing water to reduce ill effects of planet jupiter

Feed mother like aged women with milk, keer the milk sweet to lesses in-law fight