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Venus in 5th house effects and remedies

Venus the planet of luxury and riches offers best results when placed in house like 5th house, 9th house, 11th house. Does this happen always. The answer is depending on the character of a person, how perfect venus is saved from sun combustion this effect varies

Say venus is placed in 5th house the house that is considered to be related to sun that has property to combust venus the native in general is a flirt and will be involved in adultery most of the time. It is to be noted that the wealth, luxury, riches of this individual rises multi-fold 5 years after his marriage provided he stays away from extra-marital affair, adultery etc. If not he will face bug misfortune in life. Avoid being amorous to stay rich

In case if the individual maintains good character this will help him steer through hardships in life. Often results associated with riches, promotion, wealth in office and service happens after 5 years of marriage

Such an individual will be well learned and will be a destroyer of enemies

Remedies to Increase beneficial effects from planet Venus in 5th house :

Obey parents. Make sure you get married as per wishes of parents

Serve women and treat everyone except your wife motherlike

Serve and respect mother like woman

Avoid flirting,adultery, relationship with other woman

Native’s wife should wash private parts with milk (or) curd often associated with planet venus for best life