Venus in Libra Ascendant Best Luck Combination explained

Libra the 7th rasi in zodiac ruled by planet venus offers some unique benefits while certain planets are in combination with venus in Libra rasi. Venus happens to be the rasi as well as ascendant lord while posited in libra ascendant. For this ascendant specifically saturn offers the best luck. Mercury happens to be the lord of 9th and 12th house but will be 50% lucky owing to its 12th house lordship. Mercury has some unique benefits while placed in 12th house the Virgo as this is both the own house and exaltation spot for planet mercury

Now, let us see which combination offers best benefits while venus is posited in Libra and ascendant is libra

Saturn in combination with venus when posited in libra offers best results. It happens that saturn is exalted in swati the star of planet rahu offering best luck

When lord of 4th house is located in ascendant along with lord of ascendant and venus which is the same in this case the best luck is bestowed mainly after marriage

Women with dark complexion, women belonging to caste categorized in vargothama as sudras offer great material benefits to such individual

When mercury is posited alongside venus in a star next to star where venus is posited (ie) venus in chitra nakshatra mercury in swati this offers best of best luck. Such individual probably will have monetary gain from selling furniture on EMI basis. Combination needed would be venus, mercury, saturn in libra with libra as ascendant, dasa should be venus , mercury (or) saturn dasa