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Venus in second house effects simple remedies

Venus the planet often associated with goddess mahalakshmi the bestower of wealth, riches,luxuries and enjoyment when placed in second house the dhanasthanam also called as kudumbhasthanam the house of riches, money, family, speech, communication, wealth after marriage makes a person wealthy and rich provided he does not speak bad words, ill of others including gossip about others. If not it will harm the individual

Such a person will have money, wealth, prosperity that keeps growing until 60 years of their age. Venus often considered an evil planet when placed in an auspicious house needs to be handled carefully for best luck. Avoid bad words to life happily with full wealth until 60 years of age

While purchasing house it would be better to avoid shermukhi house the house with front wider than rear portion of the house. This vastu will not suit an individual with venus in 2nd house and this will prove disastrous

Business related to gold and jewellery will not suit such individual

Business on animals, earthern goods, agriculture will suit this individual

In case of male horoscope the individual will not have more sons, in case of female horoscope this could cause delay in conception, issues with conception etc

Remedies for individuals with Venus in 2nd house :

Don’t get involved in adultery. Avoid getting involved in gossips, speaking bad words

Offer 2kgs of cow’s ghee in a temple. Cow is often associated with venus planet

Offer 2kg of potatoes coloured in yellow turmeric to cows

Intake mars related food like honey, kheer, sugar, fennel seeds called saunf to get male progeny (sons)