What does 3rd house lord do to you?

You can easily analyze your horoscope by yourself and find the meaning of many different houses starting from lagna/ascendant. The lord of 3rd house from lagnam/ascendatn helps in fulfilling the aspirations of a person.Here is the significance of lord of third house from lagnam

1) Third house form lagnam is the signifactor of siblings

2) The third house is called sagothatra sthanam

3) This house signifies future of younger brothers/sisters, their financial status, career

4) This determines the financial status of brothers

5) It determines the fame and name of brothers likely to happen in future

6) It determines the success , growth of brothers in future

Positioning of saturn, mars, sun in third house bestows best benefits

Saturn in 3rd house

So saturn in third house. what happens next. He will be devoid of siblings. He hardly has borthers/sisters.If a planet other than sun occupies saturn in both sides, he is the best millionaire. This holds best for lagnam like thula/vrishsbham,makaram. Saturn gives best results and virtually satisfies most of the wishes in this house.

Sun occupying 3rd house

The best position of sun is the 3rd house the house of wishes. IT is found to produce fantastic results in case of viruchika/scorpio lagnam. So, what happens if sun occupies third house

1) There is an expceptional speciality in case of scorpio/viruchika lagnam. The person will be a scholar and scientist

2) He/she will face dosam/danger in his 4,5,8,20th years in his life

3) He/she will have plenty of broters and sisters. His brothers will become rich at later part in their life

4) Though the person will not benefits during sun dasa he will reap the best results in middle part of his life

5) He is best known for his philanthrophic activity

6) He will launch his own business and will be a great leader