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Will my product sell in market?

Product positioning and product sale are critically important for success of any business. As an entrepreneur this is the first hesitation that 90% of startup owners do have. If they plan to take it up full-time we can classify this thought as fear of failure. If not this is a thought that makes them overcautious about not proceeding with wrong concept.
Honestly speaking success or failure in a business depends on many factors including positioning right product at right time in market with right amount of marketing. Instead if this turns out to be a killer idea there is a greater chance of winning.
As an entrepreneur you can consider the following while launching your product:
1) Create a free version of product – Say you want to launch a training program. Create a free e-book with 10 pages of free information. This can be very simple pointers. Share it in social medium like facebook, linkedin, twitter wherein your audience can download for free. Response to this might help you determine if you are choosing the right thing. Say, if i talk about a technology that was popular in 2005 with 100 websites sharing real good information on this, today I have 100000 websites talking about this. So, competitive advantage does play prominent role
2) Check your level of knowledge – I happened to listen to interview of few entrepreneur who have built major brands in last decade. One common thing that I see in them is that their business revolves around their technical acumen or they have made an attempt to learn something on the topic before launching the product. So, don’t try to get into something that you are not aware of (or) will be too difficult for you. Instead lookout for relevant niche that is competitive in market
3) Check your website traffic in google analytics – any business online or offline needs a website. This can be created in simple wordpress platform for as low as $1 per month. As a first step check your traffic from google analytics tool. Look at organic keywords, referral sources, direct sources, behavior workflow to determine what topics are most visited. On an average launch a new website, wait for 100 days after blogging original, unique , good quality content on relevant topic. This is a good indicator on if it would be a better option to launch a product. If the google analytics traffic is still too low, look at ways to improve traffic before launching your product
4) Try something different – This topic is a branching of market advantage. Say you created a website, created good quality content but still traffic is low. It means that your technology has too much competition , is outdated, is no longer in demand. This applies to domain training as well. In this case try to be strategic. Say for example, if you are in solar panel installation business and need some leads online, try to learn and blog on popular certification like NADCA. NADCA is a trade association and it comprises of more than 1000 members belonging to HVAC inspection, maintenance and restoration industry. Any member of trade organization will always comply with code of ethics, will have professionals who are trained, certified, adhere to best practices and standard in the industry. NADCA members are no different and will provide best-in-class service. NADCA members possess general liability insurance that adds more security while choosing members for a project.This will give competitive advantage in google. This will help you grow your business as well. Hence, learning the next generation idea/domain knowledge/technology and creating a product around this will give you best advantage. However, if you have a old website, this would have already gained domain authority. Don’t was the this SEO juice. Use this for growing your business further
5) Pre-launch offer – If you have a product in place price it. If not open enrollment with deadline. The number of pre-launch enrollment is a good indication of how well the product will perform in future. Choose to offer discounts on pre-launch