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Windows 7 List Device Drivers Installed

Device drivers are programs which help in firmware management. In simple terms to make the OS detect a hardware device some programs need to be installed which act as interface. These programs are referred to as device drivers.
Here are the steps in windows 7 to get to know list of device drivers installed in the system.
Click Start. Type msinfo32. Click Enter. This opens the system information window. Click on Software Environment icon in the left hand side side bar. This shows message “Select a sub category”. Click on System Drivers. This starts with a message Refreshing system information.
The panel displays list of device drivers installed in the system, device drivers in the registry. In addition to this information of device driver name, device driver type,State (Started/Not),State (Running/Stopped),Start Mode (Manual,Boot,Disabled,System) etc are displayed in the window.

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